Frequently Asked Questions

Downloading your files: On Etsy - After purchase, you will be e-mailed a link to your file download within a few minutes. If for any reason you did not get the e-mail, you can also go to "You" in the top right of the etsy page. then click "Purchases and Reviews" and click on "Download Files." This goes to the Downloads page for all the files attached to your order.
On CreativeMarket - After your purchase, click on the cloud icon in the top right on the page. This will take you to a page with all your past purchases on creative market. To download the file, click the small arrow under "Download."

Opening a ZIP file: A zip file is a container that can hold multiple files inside it. To open it, just double-click on it. For older computers or other types of computers you may need software to open it. There's lots of free zip software, try iZip for Mac or the free version of WinRAR for PC. Inside the zip you'll find the design files in multiple formats.

Opening Vector files: AI files are Adobe Illustrator's vector file format. You will need either Adobe Illustrator or another vector software. If you need a free Illustrator alternative, try Inkscape. EPS Files are another type of vector file format, if you experience any incompatibilities or problems opening the .AI file, try opening the .EPS. In some applications, one may work better than the other.

Opening Photoshop files: PSD files are Adobe Photoshop's file format. If you need a free alternative to Photoshop, try GIMP.

Using PNG files: PNG files are just like JPGs, except they allow the file to have a transparent background -- which is great for creating your own projects where you might want a different colored background! This will allow you to do that without seeing a white box around it. You can use PNGs as an alternative to the vector files if you prefer to or if you don't have vector software, since PNGs can be opened in more programs. They can be opened in almost all software that can open JPEGs. You can use these in Photoshop, GIMP, Indesign, Scribus, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and much more.

Corrupted files: This occasionally happens during the downloading process. First make sure that your file has downloaded completely (for some downloads, depending on your internet connection, this can take awhile. Patterns and backgrounds are generally our largest files and take the longest time to download. If you have made sure the file has finished downloading, also make sure that you've opened the zip file first before using the files.

I need a larger version of an image: No problem! Most of our clipart includes an AI or EPS file. If you're not using a vector program to do your design, you'll need to open it in vector software like illustrator or inkscape to save it out to a larger PNG file or just copy the vector and paste it directly into Photoshop (choose either "smart object" when it asks) Or, if you are working in illustrator or indesign or other vector design program, just use the graphics from the AI or EPS rather than the PNGs and you can scale the artwork up indefinitely in your project.

Can you teach me Photoshop/Illustrator/Other design software?: Sorry, our clipart is intended for those who are familiar with their choice of design software, but we can answer questions about our files, opening the files, or specific questions about using our files in Adobe Creative Suite. If you want to learn design software from the beginning, there are tons of resources out there! Check out, we recommend trying some tutorials.

Can you help promote my product?: Yes! If you used any LemonadePixel resources in your work or product, we would be excited to pin it to our pinboard, Made With Lemonade :) Just drop us a note and we'll pin it to the board.

Do you do custom work?: Yes! If we think your project is a good match for our skillset we will be happy to take it on. Just contact us for a quote.

Our License

All our products all include a basic commercial license which you agree to upon purchase or download. Our licenses allow you to sell almost anything you make with our artwork. We do our best to keep our licenses simple and easy for most uses! See below for more details:

Our BASIC license (included with all products - no extended license necessary) allows:

  • You can sell products that you create with our work as long as it is derivative work. This means you must add something or change something, basically as long as it is used in a design of your own, it's good to go! This includes art prints, posters, greeting cards, mugs, bags, shirts, phone cases, clothing, and other final end products. Stickers are allowed, but each sticker must be derivative in some way unless you purchase an extended license.

  • You can use our artwork in your personal or promotional work including logos, packaging, etsy banners, and branding however you like. Logos and branding do not need to be derivative or altered and you can use them exactly as-is if you like, with just the basic license.

  • You may use our work for derivative printable goods as long as less than 1/4th of the images in the set are used in the product, and all images are flattened so that they can’t be extracted.

  • Crediting us is optional, but always much appreciated!


You will need our EXTENDED LICENSE if...

  • This extended license allows you to sell any final, physical product which is not derivative. For example stickers, art prints, or mugs in which nothing (text, backgrounds, colors, other art, etc) was added to our clipart and nothing was altered. Physical products only, digital products are not eligible for the extended license and must be derivative works.

  • You will need to purchase an extended license for selling most art supplies, such as embroidery patterns or fabric that your customers may use to make something and then sell. This only applies to selling art supplies as opposed to a final product - for instance you don't need an extended license to create fabric and then make a bag out of that fabric and sell the bag, but you do need to purchase an additional extended license to sell the fabric itself, since your customers are likely to re-sell it as a final product.

  • Use of our work in an app, software, or website where customers can use clipart to design or customize a final end product manufactured by you will also require an extended license, as long as customers aren’t able to download or extract the images themselves.

  • Purchase the extended license at our etsy shop here!


  • You may not resell, share or distribute for free as is.

  • Printable/digital downloads and goods must always be derivative and are not eligible for an extended non-derivative license.

  • Only available for sole proprietor businesses, or companies that employ 10 or fewer employees. Large companies contact us for licensing.

  • You may not claim or imply copyright or otherwise claim them as your own whether they are changed or unchanged.

  • You may not upload our work in any format to stock websites such as iStock, Shutterstock, or similar sites.

Thanks so much and please contact us with any other questions you may have!